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College started functioning from June 1993. From the very beginning of the college Psychology also was allowed to offer the students as main subject like other subjects according to their choice.

Psychology subject is taught in Gujarati Medium as well as in Hindi Medium. Prof. Rita Sonawala is busy in her work from the very beginning in Gujarati Medium and from 1995.

At present Prof. Ritaben Sonawala and Prof. Bhagirathiben Rajyaguru are as Full time lecturers in Gujarati Medium.

** Prof. Rita R. Sonawala **
Prof. Rita R. Sonawala is an Associate Professor of psychology. She has been teaching at the Undergraduate level for twenty years. She is also a post-graduate teacher. She has been post-graduate recognised teacher since 2000. She has attended three workshops in her subject. She has attended an International Conference at Jodhpur on 11-13 October 2003. She has also attended Multidisciplinary International Conference on 21-24 August 2009. She has been the member of the Board of study from 2003-2005 and 2009-2011. She has got her book 'Child Development' Part I published from Nirav Publication for S.Y.B.A. Semester III with ISBN 978-93-82514-17-6 and she has got her second book 'Child Development' Part II published from Nirav Publication for S.Y.B.A. Semester IV students with ISBN 978-93-82514-47-3. She is the life-time member of 'Indian Academy of Applied Psychology'. She has been invited to deliver a talk on the issues of her subject at 'BISAG' (Sandhan).

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** Dr. Bhagirathi Bhatt **
Dr. Bhagirathi Bhatt is an Associate Professor of Psychology. She has the experience of 15 years. She has attended several seminars and conferences in her discipline. She is an NSS Programme Officer since 2011. She looks after Nature Club since 2005. She delivered a talk on Psychological issue at 'Sandhan' (BISAG). She has been an observer during University Exams in 2005 and 2013. She has also been an examiner at F.Y.B.A. and T.Y.B.A. University exams. She also attended an adventure camp in Arunachal Pradesh. She has also been a guide and an evaluator for the Essay Competition and the competitors. She attended an International Conference 'Quality of life and Globalisation : Effective Self Care Interventions' organised by IAAP Andhra Pradesh University, Vishakha Pattanam. She also attended 15th All India Inter University National Integration Youth Camp held at Jay Narayan Vyas University. Jodhpur, Rajasthan during 23rd to 27th December 2012.

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** Dr. Piyush Solanki **
Dr. Piyush Solanki is recently recruited in the Department of Psychology. He has 8 years of work experience. He did his M.Phil from Department of Psychology, Saurashtra University, Rajkot in April 2007. He did his Ph.D. in Psychology in March 2010 on "A Psychological Study of Job Stress, Job Satisfaction and Mental Health of Defence Employees". He participated in the International workshop on the "Reasearch Methodology at Pondicherry." He presented a Research paper at IAAP (Indian Academy of Applied Psychology) from 16th to 18th February 2006 on "A Study of Emotional Maturity among Married and Unmarried Working Man."

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** Prof. Arun Damor **
Prof. Arun Damor is recently recruited as Adhyapak, Sahayak in the College. He is a teacher of Psychology. His field of specialisation is Industrial Psychology. He has cleared his NET (National Eligibility Test) in June 2010. He has two years of experience.

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