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Sanskrit was a Compulsory subject since 1993 separate visiting Lectures gave their services in
Gujarati and Hindi Medium.

At present Dr. Ranjana Avasthi handles Sanskrit Department, Hindi Medium.





** Dr. Prof. Ranjana Avasthi **

Dr. Ranjana Avasthi is a Professor of Sanskrit. She has been in the Department since the inception of the college. She has got the doctrait in 'Nilkanth Vijay': Champu Kavya Ek Adhyayan'. She has successfully finished her orientation course and Refresher course in her discipline from Gujarat University. She has got her Research Papers published in different Journals i.e. 'Sanskrit Ka Prachar Prasar', 'Upanishad Me Yog', 'Hamari Sanskritik Ekta'. She has five books to her credit-

  1. Raghuvansh Mahakanya Sarg 14
  2. Budh Charita Mahakavya
  3. Swapnavasavdattam
  4. Pratigya Yogandharayanam
  5. Mabyamvyayog- play

Dr. Ranjana Avasthi is also a recognised Ph.D. guide and she has also been guiding many students in their respective research works.

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