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U.G.C directed Collegiate Women’s Development Cell has been established in the college in 2005. C.W.D.C. Committee was formed by the ex-principal Ujambhai Patel. Prof. Sudhasingh is the Co-ordinator of the C.W.D.C. Cell Prof. Smita Joshi and Prof. Sita Chaudhary are also the committee members.


Girl students of Semester I of every year are oriented with the activities of this CWDC Cell. They have been familiarised in detail with the mission of CWDC Girl students are given the guidance about the chief aims of the cell like how to keep onself alert, how to protest injustice and harrassment and exploitation, how to build up self-confidence, self-development and self-security.


Every year on 8th March, on Women’s Day, the CWDC Cell organises various programmes in the college. Particularly, the programmes are always theme-based, the programmes always revolves round the concurrent incidents and events and thus the female students are oriented.


Eminent scholars like Dr. Bindu Bhatt, Mrs. Neeta Shah, Dr. Ajay Shah, Dr. Rinku benefitted the students by their invaluable talks on current affairs related to women problems and women empowerment.