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Student's Development Activities

Dr. Prashant Joshi is in – charge Professor of NCC. He handles NCC admirably. On every National Festival 15th August – Independence Day and 26th January – Republic Day – he trains the students to parade in the college campus and salutes the national flag. During 2012-13, Bhosle Laxmi, Mehsuriya Ritesh and Sevak Jigar D. performed at their best and proved that they are the students of NCC and Prof. Prashant Joshi.


There is Career Counseling Club in the college and that has been named by the Higher Education as ‘UDISHA’. Under this banner the team member of ‘UDISHA’ organizes different activities including poster exhibition, education institutions’ exhibition, lectures on job – oriented -further courses. In the college, UDISHA is taken care of Dr. Rakesh Bharadwaj, Dr. Kesar Chaudhari and Prof. Ashok Patel.


Today, the students need the most is proper counseling, they need proper direction to develop, to utilize their potentialities. With that point in mind, the college set up a Counseling Club for the welfare of the students. Students are very frequently advised – especially needy students. The counseling club in the college is taken care of by Prof. Rita Sonawala, Dr. Yogesh Rajgor, Prof. Vaishali Dholakia, Prof. Sudhasingh, Prof. Jinendra Jain.


Department of sports and physical education has been there since the inception of the institute -1993. Prof. Manubhai Bharwad heading the Department. Since then Dinesh Upadhyay from non-teaching staff has constantly been rendering his services in the campus and out of the campus. Both Prof. Manubhai Bharwad and Dinesh Upadhya never let any stone unturned in motivating the students in participating different games. Students do take part in different games like Football, Cricket, Handball, Boxing, Judo, Swimming, Kabaddi and Chess. The students of the institute have performed well in different games at national level and international level. One of the students of the college – Mr. Praveenkumar Sinh has represented Gujarat for 18 times at the national level and thus he contributed in making Gujarat Team and National Champion. He also played in Bankok (Thailand), Hirosheema (Japan) and Qatar is a chief player and increased the pride of the college and our nation India besides this, students have performed best in Cricket, Running, Boxing, Handball. There are several students of the college who performed well in sports get government jobs in sports quota. The students have got jobs in Railway Department, Airforce, Police, Bank. 


National Service Scheme popularly known as NSS was infact launched in Gandhiji’s Birth Centenary year 1969 in 37 Universities involving 40,000 students with primary aim to develop personality of the student volunteers through community service. Today NSS has more than 24 lakh students volunteers on its roll spread over 251 universities. Since its inception, more than 2.70 crore of students from various Universities, Colleges and institutions of higher learning have been benefitted from the N.S.S. activities.
N.S.S. in M. B. Patel Rashtrabhasha Arts and Commerce College has become synonym of labour, dedication, sincerity and perseverance. NSS in the college tries its level best to abide by the objectives of NSS. NSS unit started in the college from the day one of the commencement of the college. Several programme officers rendered their services to NSS unit. Since inception there were Prof. Ashok Patel, Prof. Yogesh Rajgor, Prof. Jinendra Jain, Prof. Suresh Nayi, performed their roles as active programme officers. At present NSS unit is full of activities under the expert guidance of Dr. Bhagirathi Bhatt. She is motivating the students towards the motto of ‘Not Me But You.’ More than hundred students get enrolled under NSS unit every year from Arts and Commerce faculties and perform their roles as NSS volunteers to the best of their abilities.  


M.B.Patel Rashtrabhasha College has got such benevolent teachers in its staff for which the institute takes pride. Prof. Vaishali Dholakia, Head of Gujarati Department, arranged scholarship for the needy students – the students coming from lower and lower-middle class. She gets Rs.60,000/- per year for such financially weak students from ‘Late Purvi Satish Dalal Trust’, and every year about 30 students are benefitted from this financial assistance. Prof. Vaishali has been bringing this scholarship from the trust for seven years. And till now about two hundred fifty students have been benefitted.