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Physical Department

Prof. Manubhai Bharwad is a Director of Physical Education in the college. He has the experience of 19 years. He has attended National workshop organised on ‘Research Method and Statistical Methods in Physical Education’;Research Methods in Physical Education. State level seminar on ‘Modern Trends in Physical Education’.
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In this department, the students of this college showed very good performance and selected at the university, Inter University level and the good performance is continued. * We are first to promote Olympic Hand Ball game in Gujarat University in 1994-96. Since that date our college principal has been the Chairman of this game in Gujarat University committee.

* In the game of hand ball of Gujarat University women team the student of our college (Miss Kinjal Trivedi) showed good performance continuously for three years and got job in the Bank on this basis. * At present in (2007-2008) and (2008-09) in swimming competition the student of our college Dhananjay Trivedi broke the record of twenty years and the same student got gold, silver and bronze medals in three events at all India Inter University level and got a prize of Rs. 30,000/- in Cash.

* The college has been champion for past three years in swimming and football competition. * The student of our college Mr. Praveen Kumar came at national level merit in handball and took part thrice at international level and got the scholarship of the central government for continuously three years. In the game our college was champion at university level 8 (eight) times.

* At inter university level in the team of Gujarat University the students of our college from last five years are selected continuously. This was in Swimming, Cricket, Softball, Boxing, Wrestling, Cross Country (12.5 km. run) Kabaddi, Handball at inter university level in Gujarat University team. * Chaturvedi Dhananjay was honoured by Gujarat University for good performance at all India level by giving a Bronze Medal, Certificate and Rs.30,000.00 cash in 2008-2009.

Now Dr. Suresh bhai Nayi is a physical educator.